2022 Must-Haves

2022 Must-Haves

2022 Must-Haves

What a year.

In celebration of 2021 coming to it’s end, we have selected our top 5 MUST-HAVES for the new year!


1.    Trybike - Steel 2 in 1 Balance Trike/Bike

The first product  selected is the 2-in1 Steel Trybike.

It’s adaptable frame not only saves money in the long run but can evolve as your child grows and develops.
The quality steel frame ensures long lasting play and its durability allows safe use.
The bike is perfect for children ages 15 months to around 6 years of age!

 We sell this tremendous Trybike in three stylish colours:

  • Vintage Red
  • Vintage Green
  • White

15 Months +



2.    Cheatwell Topix - The Fast Thinking Naming Game



The second product selection is one for the whole family.

Topix, a game created by Cheatwell allows players to play individually or in teams (depending how competitive you wish to be).

The aim of the game is simple, pick a random letter and topic then the timer begins. How many things related to that topic can you're think of beginning with that letter.

  • Occupations beginning with W
  • Insects beginning with S
  • Sandwich fillings beginning with B

At only £19.99 this game is perfect for a family or friend game night, parties or an interesting gift.

12 Years +



3.    Play-Doh 6-Pack Sand & Shimmer Stretch Compounds


Wow! For only £12.99 you have 6 different sand compounds, 3 full of shimmering glitter. The Sand is non-toxic and quality tested, perfect for younger children and sensory exercises.

The kit also contains a Play-Doh seashell stamper, sand bucket and shovel. 

Colours Included:

  • Teal
  • Deep pink
  • Lime green
  • Golden yellow
  • Orchid pink
  • Royal purple

3 Years +



4.    Classic World Wooden Pyramid Activity Box

This Classic World Pyramid Activity Box has 4 different sides. with each side presenting a new challenge.

  • Music Side⁠ - Sound Recognition
  • Shape Sorting Side⁠ - Fine Motor Skills
  • Mirror Side - Self-perception
  • Rotating Gear Side⁠ - Fine Motor Skills

This toy will keep your little one engaged. It presents children with varied types of play, allowing them to learn but have fun at the same time.

All of the materials and colours are non-toxic and free of preservative chemicals. 

2 Years +



5.    Zuru Pets Alive Rainbow Boppi - The Booty Shakin' Llama


Shake it like nobody is watching!
The New Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Rainbow Llama will bring fun and laughter to any household. This version features 3 NEW epic songs, NEW dance moves, and NEW rainbow fur!
Boppi's 360 degree spins and cool choreography will be sure to steal the dance floor.

Adorable, hilarious and great fun!

3 Years +



Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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