Do you have a sense of humour? [Kids Against Maturity]

Do you have a sense of humour? [Kids Against Maturity]

Do you have a sense of humour? [Kids Against Maturity]


From the creators of ‘What do you meme?’ I introduce to you…INSERT DRUM ROLL...

Kids Against Maturity!

This game is jam-packed with tantalising toilet humour and plenty of layered innuendos for the grown-ups

The game that can be played in front of gran!

It’s the perfect tester to see if your relatives/family have a "sense of humour" no matter the age.

How to play:

      1. Deal out the cards (Make sure to shuffle!)

Each player receives 10 white answer cards...simple I know
Great for ​​camping, sleepovers, game nightsfamily gatherings, summer camp, plane trips and more!



      2. Decide who will be the question asked first

Don’t worry everyone will be a question asker eventually, so it’s probably best to pick the oldest player first - to save moronic arguments.

You could also use this super cool random selector to spice up game night.
Click Here →

Or worst case scenario do as the box says.
Who has the hairiest knuckles?




The question asker will read aloud the first blue card. The phrase will have a blank space.
The other players will now decide which one of their white cards will best fit the blank space and make the most humorous sentence. They will place these cards face down in front of the question asker.

For example:

"Little Bo Peep lost her_____" "Underwear"


  3. The results are IN 

The question asker will then choose which white card is best - Make sure the asker can’t see whose card is whose…we don’t like favouritism.

Give the winner the blue card so they can count up their wins at the end of the game.


  4. Game over

After all the predetermined rounds are completed, or if your hardcore and run out of blue/white cards, it’s time to count who won the most rounds.


See…I told you the game was simple.

Check it Out!


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