Something that will grab your attention...

Something that will grab your attention...

Something that will grab your attention...

Here are some interactive product ideas - Unique and engaging

1.    Brew Planet Mug - Colour-Changing Jungle Mug

David Attenborough’s favourite coffee mug (who knows, that could be true!)

It’s decorated with awesome heat-sensitive ink that makes an ape appear.
Give your kid a hot chocolate, they’ll be so amazed they might think you have superpowers. 

For only £9.99 these mugs are the perfect gift for coffee or green planet lovers.

8 Years +




2.    Baff BOMBZ!



Create a wonderful sensory bath time experience.


The essential product for making bathtime special.
These Baff Bombs release hidden colours - great for creative and imaginative children!

All Zimpli Kids Products are 100% safe on the skin, non-toxic, drain safe and biodegradable.

3 Years +


3.    Tobar Marble Run - 74-piece Course Building Toy Set

Thousands of possible building combinations ensure that the action never gets boring!

Since the 1960s the marble run has been a staple construction toy.
Marble runs help children improve hand-eye coordination - They use fine motor skills to fit the pieces together, developing engineering and problem-solving skills.

5 Years +


4.    Wooden Activity Walkers - Flower/Red/Pastel


The good ol’ CLASSIC!

These beautiful wooden activity walkers help little ones to walk whilst also providing hours of entertainment.

These walkers are packed with six interactive activities including features such as:

  • Sliding Ducks
  • Spinning Mirror
  • Moving Gears
  • Shape Sorting
  • Spinning Cage Rattle

12 Months +


5.     SES Creative Children's Make Your Own Soaps Set



Perfect for rainy days!

Your child can get the enjoyment of making the product then using them the same day.
It may even encourage a better hand-washing routine for them.
This kit includes everything necessary! Including glitter, if they want sparkly soap.

7 Years +


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