A variation of the iconic Buckaroo and Pop-Up Pirate, this game is the embodiment of suspense and excitement.

This game is quite unnerving for wusses like me… when is it going to 'TWANGG!'... who knows!



Interplay Orangutwang Stacking Game


Game Set-Up

Have you ever lost the interest of a child whilst setting up a game?

If not, you have most certainly NEVER put together ‘The Game of Life’ which I swear takes 10 minutes…I good 5 of those is wondering where certain lost pieces are.

This game is surprisingly straightforward to assemble. There are two base pieces that slot together, then simply add the palm trees and other accessories.

There are no batteries needed. Another thing you won't have to search the entire house for.

Interplay Orangutwang Stacking Game
Playing the Game

Once the game has been set up it’s time to see who goes first.
The game recommends choosing the person who can say the word ‘Banana’ five times the fastest. But naturally, you could go for the classic youngest player goes first.

The first player will then roll the dice to determine which fruit or animal they must hang.

The best option on the die is the star side, it lets you miss a turn!

Now it’s time for the other players to join in, the more objects hung the more likely it is to ‘Twang’.

Interplay Orangutwang Stacking Game

This game is always such a laugh and is especially interesting to see how everyone reacts differently.

Will they jump out of their seats, scream their lungs out or maintain a straight face... what a weirdo.

This product originally retailed for £10.99, but now with its 50% reduction it's £5.50.

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