The Missing PIECE...

The Missing PIECE...

The Missing PIECE...

Puzzles have huge benefits when it comes to the development of children.

Social & Emotional Benefits

  • Puzzles encourages Teamwork. When either working with friends or family members, children learn the concept of sharing tasks and the importance of Patience.
  • Better teamwork in early years means improved working relations and critical Communication Skills in the future.

Group Puzzle creation 


Physical Benefits

  • Puzzles help children practise their Fine-Motor Skills, perfecting small muscle movements key for activities such as writing or using a zip.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination will also be refined.

Kid Playing With Puzzle


    Cognitive Benefits

    • Puzzles help improve a child's memory. They need to remember & recognise colours, shapes and positions to form the image - Perfecting their Visual Perception Skills
    • This type of Problem-SolvingConcentration will help sharpen their mind



    Further Development

    If you think development only occurs during the puzzle construction you are wrong!
    You can encourage further development afterwards:

    • Positive Reinforcement - I think we can all remember that feeling at a young age of completing a puzzle

      If you praise the puzzle builder after its completion it helps reinforce their self-esteem and will encourage future puzzle use.
    • Language Expansion - Help children expand their adjective range. You can do this by asking them to explain their puzzle afterwards. Get them to discuss colour and shape, which characters are their favourite and why?

    The more practice the better.

      *TIP - When it comes to choosing the best puzzle, start small.
      If a child loses interest due to its difficulty it may put them off the activity indefinitely.

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        Puzzles are the missing piece to a perfect & cosy night in.
        To view some more excellent puzzles with beautiful designs...

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